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How to Fix a Commercial Roof Leak

How to Fix a Commercial Roof Leak?

Imagine, your business is running very well, everything is going smoothly, and then drip… drip… drip. Yes, this terrifying sound is of a roof leak. You must be worried after hearing this sound as the roof is the most important part of any commercial building and its job is to safeguard everything whether the parts of the building, staff, or the clients. The importance of an intact roof cannot be denied, because it is the heart of any commercial building. That’s why a leaking roof necessities to be addressed immediately to minimize the level of damage to the building, both in the physical and financial sense.

Preventive maintenance is important, but not everyone has enough time or resources to practice it. If you do notice a leak in your roof, fear not, we’re here to walk you through fixing that commercial roof leak in the most casual, stress-free possible way. So follow these steps to deal with it:

Some Preliminary Steps:

 Before fixing a leak there are some preliminary steps that should be taken. Let’s discuss them.

Understanding the Enemy: Identifying the Leak

Before you repair it, you have to find it. Sometimes, tracking a leak becomes so difficult but it’s not rocket science. Start by searching for water stains on the ceiling or walls and then follow them to find out the source. Don’t forget that, water can move along beams and pipes.  Therefore the source might be found by examining the strain directly. When there is a flat roofing system, most leaks appear in the form of low spots. The amount of spots indicates the chance for leaks to develop. The leak can also occur due to blocked gutters, cracks in roof membranes, pests or plumbing as well as heating or cooling issues. When leaks occur, encircle the area with a bright-colored tape. This will assist the contractors know how to fix a commercial roof leak and also help the insurance agents find the cause of the leak if it dries up.

Take safety measures to reduce damage

Before even thinking about fixing the leak, clear the area and try what you can to minimize damage to the important material and stuff in the affected area. If you cannot move heavy stuff, cover it with a plastic sheet for safety. Then put a bucket or container under the leak point so that you can stop the spread of water and further water damage until the leak is fixed.  It is also important to remove employees from the area because they can be affected by the mold that is produced due to moisture and leaks.

Protect yourself: Don’t Be a Hero

Surely, you’re a businessman as well as a superhero in your own right. However, climbing up on a commercial roof without the proper safety gear can be very dangerous.  You should Leave these bold stunts to the professionals who have the proper knowledge and proficiency. 

After Taking Preliminary Steps:

Make a list of a few commercial roofing contractors

Take a decision.  Whether are you willing to fix it yourself or are you going to call a professional? This is not the kind of leak repair service you want to be making again and again. So if you choose to DIY (Do It Yourself), make sure you feel self-reliant and ready to tackle the project. If you choose to seek help from experts, now is the time to recall the names of your trusted contractor or bring in a few different contractors who will perform roof inspections. They can examine and provide their evaluations for you to compare. Actually, experts know exactly how to fix a commercial roof leak. 

Most of the time, one of these three options is suggested: 

1. Repair only the damaged area of the roof. 

2. Complete roof replacement.

3. Restore the top coating of the roof. 

Contact Your Insurance Company

Once the leak is not a threat to the building, call your insurance company to discuss the options. They’ll tell you about options in detail if your insurance policy covers the inner damage, roofing services, or roof replacement. They will also help you to evaluate the roof builder warranty to determine if leaks are covered under that or not.

Repair the Leakage

Roof maintenance is done in the same way as when you’re coating the entire roof. The first step is to completely clean the damaged area. The next step is to apply the correct primer based on your specific roof type. Different products are available for different types of roofs and provide long-term protection. Let the primer dry overnight and then apply the seal-coating application on the next day. It will decide the location of your leak, and whether you can apply the primer and coating with a paint roller or brush.

For excellent results, apply the coating with an equal thickness. After allowing it to dry, apply a second coat if needed. Once that coat is dry, the repair is complete and you’ve effectively learned how to fix a commercial roof leak.


Fixing commercial roof leaks demands a systematic approach including identification, assessment, temporary fixes, and permanent solutions. By understanding the common causes of leaks and using maintenance strategies and precautionary measures, building owners and facility managers can protect their reserves and ensure the durability of their commercial roofs. Remember intervention at the right time is key to minimizing damage and preserving the strength of your commercial building.



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